Copywriting for Marketing

Copywriting for Marketing

Social media copywriters craft companies’ messages to boost their marketing outreach. They spend their days working with company representatives, clients and account executives to turn marketing ideas into a hashtag, phrases, or longer posts for various social media channels.

Copywriters are the primary professionals responsible for generating ideas for social media graphics or messages of this type. They may begin by storyboarding concepts or brainstorming with the advertising team. They are then responsible for communicating the brand message concisely but compellingly through their copy. Delivering a targeted message with a specific voice and style contributes to the strategy's overall effectiveness. After high-level staff members approve the concept for a post, the copywriters implement the strategy by creating the copy, publishing the post, and later tracking its success through analytics.

Students are accustomed to acquiring information, purchasing products, and learning online. The growth and adoption of e-commerce, e-sports, and e-entertainment have become an everyday reality in the lives of consumers and marketers worldwide. It is appropriate to offer students the ability to effectively communicate and write marketing messages in the multiple digital environments in which they live.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Real-world project assignments, active learning, market research, and database acquisition and interpretation will be utilized extensively.
  • Strategic thinking, evaluation, and original conception and creation will be stressed to focus on messaging and properly targeted marketing.
  • Development and creation of effective and goal-oriented messages will be stressed in every media format, including email, website creation, broadcast, and social media in both audio and video forms.

Upon successful completion, students should be able to:

  • Understand how to develop a Multi-Channel Creative Strategy with a specific Marketing Objective, Communication Objective, Target Market, Benefit, Support, and Tone.
  • Recognize the importance of identifying the key consumer segment and the keyword motivators that ultimately lead to a purchase decision.
  • Become proficient in creating, scripting, storyboarding, and message execution in the leading Broadcast mediums.
  • Bring to life a solid Creative Strategy that will enable Marketing and Communication Objectives to be achieved.
  • Comprehend the necessity for communicating a consistent and united message across all Broadcast media platforms – radio, TV, podcasting, and online video placement -- to achieve true Integrated Marketing Communications.
  • Enhance students’ communication skills through presentations, assignments, and in-depth Broadcast projects.

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This live class is going to be held online via the Webex or Zoom platform. Participants will receive an email with details on how to access the live course 24 to 48 hours before the start of class.

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Neil H. Brownlee has over twenty-one years teaching Advertising & Marketing Communications, at FIT and the State University of New York. Leadership and guidance are paramount to helping students gain skills and launch their careers in marketing, creative strategy, digital content, copywriting, and production in all media.

He teaches and mentors national and international college students to enter the ever-changing and dynamic world of 21st-century marketing and communications. Some courses he has taught include copywriting in all communication segments, video production for broadcast and online, creative strategy development, marketing, and business planning, targeted audience selection, and communication evaluation.



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