Characteristics of Self-Empowerment for Women

Characteristics of Self-Empowerment for Women

What are some of the things you think of when you think of a powerful woman? What characteristics do they possess?

Characteristics of Self-Empowerment for Women is a specialized, custom program that focuses on the characteristics that are critical for a woman's leadership success in business today and provides tools to aid in their development.

As a high-powered woman business leader, you may find yourself facing challenges in your organization that are unique to being a woman. However, when you're the leader, it can be frustrating determining whether the issue is based upon the issue at hand or negative stereotypes.

Upon completion of this program participants will be able to:

  • Understand and describe the characteristics of an effective leader and how it is perceived in women
  • Describe the types of power bestowed upon individuals and how it is perceived in society and organizations
  • Recognize some of the negative stereotypes that are projected onto women both in organizations and in society as a whole
  • Understand the behaviors associated with the Ten Characteristics of Self-Empowerment as presented in the Resiliency Hourglass Model
  • Learn and practice self-empowering behaviors such as effective communications skills, listening, assertiveness, conflict management, and team building
  • Determine which areas need development and create action plans for individual self-empowerment.

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