Social Justice in the Cannabis Industry


Cannabis will be situated at the junction of social justice possibilities and the explosion of an enormous industry. At this strange time in history, when the pandemic has cast a cloud of uncertainty over everything, the cannabis industry has not only been deemed essential, but it has been growing. As legalization of both medical and adult-use cannabis continues, each state is trying to put measures in place to promote social equity/justice by teaching and educating individuals to recognize bias and actively fight racism, sexism, and other forms of oppression. We will also cover expunging criminal records for simple cannabis possession, giving BIPOC training, ownership opportunities, and, most importantly, access to financing.

Ultimately, it is essential to equip future participants in the cannabis industry with knowledge of social justice issues and how their own work can be positioned to create a more equitable society. This 7-module, self-paced course introduces learners to social justice issues and opportunities for progress in the cannabis industry. The course consists of PowerPoints, selected readings, videos, podcasts, short lecture videos, and built-in assessments.

Course Outcomes:

  • History of the Criminalization of Cannabis
  • Race and Cannabis
  • Criminal Justice Reform and Cannabis
  • Cannabis, Gender, and the Environment
  • Cannabis and Economic Opportunity

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