Cultural and Spanish Immersion in Puerto Rico


Cultural and Spanish Immersion in Puerto Rico



One of the best ways to learn a foreign language is to visit a country that speaks it! Puerto Rico is not only a beautiful island in the Caribbean Sea, rich in history and vibrant culture, but it is also American Territory. This means that the island is controlled by the U.S. government but is separate from the mainland. People who are born in Puerto Rico are U.S. Citizens, however they do not have the right to vote in U.S. elections.

Since language is a reflection of culture, one cannot be taught without the other. As you gain knowledge of the Spanish language you will gain insights into the Puerto Rican culture. Puerto Ricans call themselves Boricua. It’s a unique name that honors their island heritage, but it’s also a way of life, a state of mind, a rhythm and flavor that is distinctly Puerto Rico.

Each day you will not only learn standard Spanish vocabulary and grammar in a classroom setting, but will also be made aware of the subtle verbal nuances in Spanish speaking culture. After the language sessions, you will then explore San Juan and surrounding areas, its history, people, music, food and culture – the Boricua way.

We will visit Old San Juan and learn about the Capital Building, El Morro, one of two forts inside the San Juan National Historic Site, built by Spain in 1500s to fight pirates or enemies that wanted to invade, Cobblestone Streets, Monuments etc. We will stop in Santurce to checkout Street Art and take pics of the Murals. We will also explore the famous neighborhood of La Perla, where the famous music video “Despacito” was filmed.

We will embark on a cultural adventure of afro Puerto Rican heritage in the town of Loiza, where you’ll be taken to the 16th century African township and the cradle of Afro Boricua culture. Here, you will learn how to dance Bomba and about vigilante mask making with a local artisan that craft these pieces to perfection,

We’ll visit a secluded archeological open cave to learn about the history of the first island’s Island inhabitants and the Columbia Exchange’s impact in Puerto Rico. We will also visit a cultural global artist’s working art studio/gallery where you’ll have an opportunity to interact one-on-one, learn about Afroboricua fine arts and purchase autographed elective artwork by the artist himself.

By taking this class, hopefully, you will find that spirit in yourself, too. No previous knowledge of the Spanish language is required to take this class.

Au pairs with an expired J-1 visa may travel to Puerto Rico during their extension term, since it is U.S. territory. Make sure you check with your agency for all required and signed documents before you go! In general you will need to bring the following:

  • A valid extension DS-2019 that has been signed for travel.
  • Your I-94 card.
  • Your valid passport with J-1 Visa.

You should copy these documents and leave a copy with your host family when you travel.



In addition to the in-person meetings, this class will include pre-assignments and post-assignments as part of the 72-hour class.

You will be invited to join Google Classroom about a month before class starts, which is the platform we use for the course. Check your spam folder, as invitations to join Google Classroom sometimes end up there. Please make sure you register for the course with a valid email address, since this is where you will receive the invitation and later, your certificate. Your email has to be Google compatible, so it’s best to use gmail, outlook, hotmail or yahoo. If you do not receive a notification to join Google Classroom, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to contact us.

The pre-assignments will be posted on Google Classroom 2 weeks before class starts. Make sure you join Google Classroom early and complete the assignments BEFORE coming to class. It will take you approximately 18 hours to complete

The follow-up assignments will be posted on Google Classroom on the weekend of class, and also consist of 18 hours. You must complete them in order to receive your course completion certificate. Course completion certificates will be emailed to you, a few days after the class has officially ended. You will have 3 weeks to complete the assignments. If you need your certificate earlier, please indicate it during the registration process and we will email it to you as soon as you successfully complete all assignments.



Attendance IS MANDATORY all days during the class in Puerto Rico. If you are late or leave early, your will risk not receiving your certificate. Please note, that this is a long weekend intensive class and the days are long. Bring comfortable shoes, appropriate clothing, water and snacks. We expect you to come to class rested and ready to participate, learn and have fun!


$995 | IN-PERSON | 72 Hours (equivalent to 6 credits)

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