The Making of Walt Disney


The Making of Walt Disney

Orlando, Florida


Take a class in the Happiest Place on Earth and experience some magic! This is our most versatile class, where you will not only learn about the history and making of Walt Disney World, but also about different countries, cultures, the history and progress of communication and technology, U.S. history as well as animals and wildlife! The class will start with a pre-assignment, which will include a mandatory Zoom lecture, two weeks before the trip. You will start working on your assignments so that by the time you get to Disney, you will already know most of its history. At WDW, you will visit educational attractions in THREE Disney theme parks: Epcot Center, Animal Kingdom and of course, the Magic Kingdom.

Some of the attractions we will visit at EPCOT will include Spaceship Earth, where you will travel in time and explore the history of communication on a ride that takes you from the Stone Age to the computer age. Soarin, where you will take flight on a breathtaking journey as you Soar over some of the world’s most awe-inspiring sights – from the Great Wall of China to Iguazu Falls in South America. This is your chance to experience the joy of hang gliding through a virtual reality!

Epcot World Showcases – you will walk through the countries and spend more time at some selected ones, especially the American Adventure pavilion – where you will see a show that presents the history of America in a way that will keep you interested and is a great introduction to the history of the US. Visiting the World Showcases is a great way to expand your cultural diversity without the expense of traveling.

At the Magic Kingdom you will visit Liberty Square and Liberty Bell and learn the history behind it. You will also visit the Hall of Presidents and learn about all 45 of the men who have served as US Presidents. It is an audio animatronic show tracing the history of the United States. You will enjoy a ride on the Jungle Cruise where you will set sail for a high adventure on a tour of the most exotic and “dangerous” rivers in Asia, Africa and South America.

You will visit Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress where you will travel through the 20th century to see how technology has improved our way of life. The Carousel of Progress was first debuted at the 1964 World’s Fair and is one of the only attractions in the park to have been personally created by Walt Disney himself, so it really is a piece of Disney history!

Animal Kingdom is all about animal conservation and the natural environment. Attractions in Animal Kingdom will include Kilimanjaro Safaris where you will have the opportunity to explore the closest experience to a true African safari in Florida. This 18-minute cruise in your expedition vehicle while on the look for the 34 different species is an incredible adventure and learning experience! At The Wilderness Explorers you will learn about animals and the Wilderness. Search for animals, learn along the way, and earn badges, which are stickers that are placed within their Wilderness Explorers Guide. Lastly, you will visit The Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail. The highlight of the Exploration Trail is the gorilla habitat which offers guests the opportunity too enjoy the beautiful creatures in their natural habitat of grassy hill and waterfalls.



This class will include a pre-assignment, which will be posted on Google Classroom TWO WEEKS BEFORE class, and a follow-up assignment, which must be submitted no later than FOUR weeks after class has concluded. You must complete these assignments successfully in order to receive your course completion certificate. Course completion certificates will be uploaded to Google Classroom in a shared folder after class has concluded, and you will be able to download your certificate. If you have a deadline and need your certificate earlier, please indicate it during the registration process (there is a question that asked about early certificate.) You may receive your certificate as early as two days after the trip portion finishes, however you must have completed the follow-up assignment.



Attendance IS MANDATORY for the zoom lecture and all days during the trip in Orlando. If you are late or leave early, your will risk not receiving your certificate. Please note, that this is a long weekend intensive class and the days are long. Bring comfortable shoes, water, snacks, sandwiches if possible (food in the parks can be pricey), sunglasses, sunscreen. We expect you to come to class rested and ready to participate, learn and have fun!

Instructor: Vanessa Hornedo
$1095 | 72 hours (equivalent to 6 credits)

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