Self-Confidence: Overcoming fear and building Self-Esteem


Self-Confidence: Overcoming fear and building Self-Esteem


Self-esteem is how we value and perceive ourselves. It’s based on our opinions and beliefs about ourselves, which can sometimes feel really difficult to change. It’s the result of experiences, upbringing, cultural norms, beliefs about the world and ourselves and attractiveness. In fact, it largely determines the quality of our daily life. The way we see and evaluate ourselves affects many everyday decisions. For example, what work we choose, with whom we associate, what activities we undertake or how we feel in relationships.

The value we ascribe to ourselves is not something fixed once and for all and “just like that”. That’s the process that is constantly changing. Some experiences can quickly lower it, but it is worth remembering that there are ways to develop your confidence. The point is not to artificially and excessively inflate the vision of yourself, but to learn about your strengths, learn to respect and appreciate yourself, extract your own resources and use them consciously, which are some of the things that you will learn how to do in this class.



All assignments must be successfully completed in order to receive your course completion certificate. Course completion certificates will be uploaded to Google Classroom in a shared folder after class has concluded, and you will be able to download your certificate. If you have a deadline and need your certificate earlier, please indicate it during the registration process (there is a question that asked about early certificate.) You may receive your certificate as early as ONE week after class has started, as long as you complete all assignments successfully and it is confirmed by your instructor.



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This class will consist of readings and assignments posted on Google Classroom and TWO scheduled zoom sessions (zoom is a video conference app.) You will only have two zoom meetings the first weekend of class, and then work independently on your assignments for the remaining 4 weeks. Please make sure you register for the course with a valid email address, since this is where you will receive an invitation notification to join Google Classroom. Both zoom and Google Classroom are free platforms and easy to use. You will be invited to join Google Classroom a week before class starts. Make sure you check your spam/junk folder, as invitations to join Google Classroom sometimes end up there. Your email must be Google compatible, so it’s best if you use gmail, hotmail or yahoo. If you don’t receive a notification before class starts, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to contact us.

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