Health Science AAS


This program is designed for the post-secondary certified/licensed student with additional career and higher educational opportunities. It will provide the initial degree completion process for many disciplines such as Pharmacy Technicians, Surgical Technicians, Licensed Practical Nurses, Ultrasound Technicians, Medical Coding, and Emergency Medical Technicians.

The AAS degree does not confer eligibility to be certified or licensed.  The student must come with a prior certificate. The credit value for a license or post-secondary certificate will be assigned according to the number of classroom and clinical hours taken to complete the certificate or license.

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Students whose class and clinical hours do not fulfill the 24 credits (approximately 1,200 hours), will need to complete additional courses.  These credits will be awarded after the candidate has completed the general education requirements. An overall GPA of 2.0 must be maintained in all academic requirements.

Documents needed for review:
1. Official transcript
2. Program and course description
3. License, diploma or a certificate
4. Resume
Health Science
Health Science A.A.S.


This program provides certified/licensed healthcare professionals (e.g., Pharmacy Technicians, Surgical Technicians, Licensed Practical Nurses, Ultrasound Technicians, etc.) an opportunity to earn an Associate's degree and advance in their current employment and/or continue their education to the baccalaureate level.


Career options with median hourly wages within a five-mile radius of Hudson County.



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