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The eyes of medicine. Medical imaging is a diverse field, as a radiologic technologist you be a part of the healthcare industry, making up the third largest group of healthcare professionals. Radiographers operate x-ray equipment, using their knowledge of the anatomy and physiology to obtain diagnostic images. During your clinical experience, you will have a hands-on opportunity to practice your patient care skills and fine-tune your technical knowledge from class. You will develop skills that allow you to provide care that is accurate as well as compassionate. Your work will help uncover health problems and can ultimately save lives. This career can lead in many directions, hospitals, clinics, surgical and urgent care centers. The boundaries are only determined only by your own abilities and interests.

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This is a 63 credit degree program that includes 33 credits of general education and science courses and 30 credits of specialized Radiography courses. Upon completion of total credits, students will receive an associate degree in science as well as a certificate in radiography, allowing them to sit for the ARRT national examination. The general education and lab science courses will be provided by HCCC, and taught by HCCC instructors at either or both of their campus locations. The professional component is a 24 month clinical competency based educational program. Radiologic technologists (radiographers) perform diagnostic imaging examinations. Students are taught how to take x-rays of the human body in order to diagnose medical problems. They prepare patients for the exams by explaining the procedure and positioning them so that the parts of the body can be appropriately radiographed. They are taught how the radiation beam is created; set technical factors in order to produce diagnostic radiographs and how to prevent unnecessary exposure to radiation to both themselves and the patient. The student accomplishes this by integrating science and technology and learning how to provide compassionate, caring, and unbiased patient care to people of all ages and backgrounds. The State of New Jersey Bureau of Radiological Health (Board) requires all students graduating from a Board certified radiography program to successfully demonstrate competency in over 50 radiological examinations performed on patients prior to graduation. This standard is designed to produce entry level skilled graduates who are clinically competent and practice quality patient care methodologies.


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Maria Marangio - Radiography Program 2020 Graduate

Maria Marangio - Radiography Program 2020 Graduate
Watch our interview with our of our past graduates, Maria Marangio (Class of 2020), who is currently working as X-Ray Tech with Summit CityMD.  She was hired immediately after graduation and is excelling in that urgent care!

Out of the Box Podcast - Radiography Program

July 2019
Dr. Chris Reber puts the focus on the HCCC Radiography degree program and the wide range of career paths available. Joining him are Radiography Program Director Cheryl Cashell and 2019 Radiography graduate Gabriela Sanchez Relova.

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Administrative Assistant
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