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The ever-growing health care industry offers a wealth of career opportunities and steady employment in allied health, nursing, and health business and management. As the probability of health care reform becomes more of a certainty and baby boomers retire from the industry, the need for those providing patient care as well as supportive and management services will surely increase. Graduates of the program will be able to pursue positions including Hospital Services Supervisor, Medical Billing Specialist, or Project Manager for a health system.

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When I first arrived at HCCC as a 'non-traditional' student in Spring 2015, I felt lost and out of place. Here I was, a mom in her mid 30's in classrooms full of young adults and teenagers. I struggled to connect with the younger students until I began my Health Services courses. In the Health Services program, many of the classes had an open dialogue format that allowed me and other students the opportunity to bond and better understand the complexity of healthcare in the U.S. and beyond. All of the professors that I encountered in the program held medical degrees and real-world experience that helped them provide us with theoretical and practical explanations of healthcare, public health, personal wellness, and more. The professors were always willing to help students in any way possible, including academically, professionally, and personally. My experience in this program played an integral part in my decision to stay in higher education and help other students realize their full potential just like my professors did for me.
Amaalah Ogburn
Health Services AS Graduate, 2017 | Coordinator, North Hudson Campus
Health Services
Health Services A.S.


The program is designed to prepare students for alh in health related degrees. Many of these health related positions are not directly involved in patient care but serve as supportive services for the health care enterprise. With the prospect of health care reform, there will be expanded needs for allied health, nursing and health related business and managerial positions.




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