Education - Elementary/Secondary (Liberal Arts) AA - Fully Online


The Associates in Elementary and Secondary Education at HCCC is dedicated to preparing future teachers to successfully transfer to a four-year school to pursue a Bachelor’s in Elementary or Secondary education and earn a NJ teacher’s license.

While at HCCC our education students have the opportunity to learn in our state-of-the-art Early Childhood laboratory classroom. The laboratory is filled with apple computers and classroom educational materials, which gives students the opportunity to not only learn theory through class discussions but also engage in hands-on-learning which deepens their understand of child development and the field of education. The classroom serves as a computer lab for educational students at scheduled times throughout the week.

The education department is dedicated to providing students a superior educational experience which is based upon current research and the characteristics we believe quality teachers embody. We believe quality teachers are committed to social justice, educating diverse students, providing culturally responsive curriculum, inclusive education, and working to end bias.  

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Hudson Is Home - Matt McClintock

Hudson Is Home - Matt McClintock


Transferrable Degree Option

Completion of this degree program options provides students the necessary coursework to pursue a Baccalaureate degree in Elementary or Secondary Education.


Elementary/Secondary Education
Education (Elementary/Secondary-Liberal Arts) Fully Onl A.A


The Liberal Arts Degree in Elementary/Secondary Education is the right choice for students who are interested in preparing for a professional teaching career in public school education. After earning the Associate of Arts Degree, students are prepared to transfer to four-year College or university to continue their education and earn a Bachelor's Degree, required for certification. At the four-year College or university, the program graduate will also be required to major in a content area specific to their desired K - 12 teacher's license in New Jersey. Students are strongly encouraged to select electives carefully in order to satisfy transfer requirements.


Graduate Testimonial

The educational department at HCCC throughout the years has had the honor of preparing students to embark on their careers as educators.
Shannon Gallagher Image
HCCC was always a place that felt like home to me. I grew not only as a student, but as a person. I felt respected, accepted, and supported by not only my peers, but most importantly by the wonderful, dedicated faculty and staff.
Shannon Gallagher
Elementary and Secondary Education AA Graduate, 2012


I am currently a First Grade Special Education teacher. I have been teaching for six years. From a very young age I always knew teaching was my passion. When I graduated high school, I was unsure of which college I wanted to attend. I recall having many doubts and uncertainties. After I had one meeting with an HCCC advisor, I realized that this college was the perfect place for me to begin my academic studies.

HCCC always felt like “home” to me. My fondest memories are of the campus life and the number of diverse activities and programs the college offered. I am proud to say I got involved on campus in various activities, such as the Beta Alpha Phi Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa. I became the President of both the Beta Alpha Chapter and the Teacher Education Club. HCCC instilled in me a solid foundation and gave me endless opportunities which opened doors for me. Post-graduation, I sat on the HCCC Board of Trustees for a year as the Student Alumni Representative. I currently am an active member on the HCCC Foundation Board of Directors. I love that I am able to still be involved with the college after all of these years. I truly enjoy giving back, helping others, and supporting this amazing institution that provided me so much when I was a student.

After earning my Associate’s Degree, I pursued my Bachelor’s Degree in English and Elementary and Special Education (K-6). I also earned my Master’s Degree in Special Education, as well as my Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant (LDTC) certification. I aspire one day to become an LDTC. My future plan is to return to school soon and pursue a degree in Applied Behavior Analysis. No matter which path I choose in education, my career goal is to work with children and teachers both in and out of the classroom in developing strategies to individualize instruction for all learners in order to help them succeed academically, emotionally, socially, and to thrive in the world around us.




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