Liberal Arts - General AA


A degree in Liberal Arts prepares students to:

  • Experience various disciplines of study while attaining a well-rounded foundation.
  • Transfer to a four-year colleges and universities and pursue higher degrees.
  • Become an engaged citizen with critical and analytical skills useful in everyday life and academia.
Hudson Is Home - Madyson Lamana

Hudson Is Home - Madyson Lamana

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Liberal Arts
Liberal Arts - General A.A.


HCCC's Associate in Arts General degree program prepares students for transfer to a four-year college after completing two years of undergraduate coursework at HCCC. Graduating students may advance to many different majors, for instance, in the social sciences, humanities, business or education. The Liberal Arts program allows many options when choosing courses; students should plan carefully by researching the degree requirements of four-year colleges which interest them.


Complete the following groups:

1 Literature Elective

1 Fine Arts Elective

1 Course from Humanities, Social Science or Diversity 200 LEVEL

Complete a two course sequence in Modern Languages or 1 courses in Humanities, Social Science, Fine Art, Science or Math.

Complete one course from Humanities, Social Science Fine Arts, Modern Language, Science or Math

Affordable education my way...

The various programs and courses offered at HCCC allowed me to tailor my Liberal Arts degree towards my specific areas of interest. 
warren rigby
By completing my Liberal Arts degree, I was able to explore additional opportunities and take my new career to the next level. One door opens up a million and one possibilities.
Warren K. Rigby
Liberal Arts AA Graduate, 2020

Warren K. Rigby

At the age of 18 my goal was to find a college far away. Well, I found a college that was far enough away, but what I didn't know was that I never had a clear understanding of the importance of what college represented. Unfortunately, this lesson would result in academic probation. Upon returning for my second semester, I was faced with another huge challenge, my awarded financial aid didn't cover the total cost of tuition. As a result, I found I had no means to pay for college. I made the decision to leave and join the working world to gain enough experience that I was able to market myself to future employers.

Over the next 19 years I worked for various companies like Google, The Body Shop, and participated in a major class action settlement against Volkswagen. While I enjoyed all of these different roles within a customer service-based environment, I wanted something more impactful for my community.

After extensive conversations and research, I made the decision to apply at HCCC, and later enrolled for classes. Online classes afforded me the opportunity to complete my education “my way” as I work a full-time job and chipped away at my degree. Throughout the next 2 1/2 years I became the Student Government Association (SGA) Vice president of the North Hudson campus and eventually SGA President.

During my time in these roles, I was able to build a relationship between the student body and the administration as well as work on New Jersey's higher education plan to improve graduation rates with a focus of student success. Additionally, through collaborations, we were able to roll out a campus-wide recycling program, create student-focused information platforms, and so much more. Now that I have completed my Liberal Arts Degree, I have reenrolled in the RN program, also at HCCC, with hopes of getting my bachelor’s degree in nursing. My future goals consist of finishing school and having a degree in nursing and public policy to continue to advocate for funding in higher education within the healthcare system.



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Contact Information

Lauren O’Gara
Assistant Professor, English and Coordinator, Liberal Arts - General

Alison Wakefield, Ed.D.
Dean, School of Humanities and Social Sciences