Early Childhood Education: The Preschool Child Development Associate (CDA) Coursework


The education department at HCCC is dedicated to preparing future teachers to successfully enter the field of education. The Preschool Child Development Associate Coursework have classes that prepare students to apply for their Preschool Child Development Associate and then enter the workforce as assistant teachers. Teachers after receiving the CDA will be certified to work with three- to five-year-olds. Students can also transfer the credits into our AAS of Early Childhood program and complete their associates.

While at HCCC our education students have the opportunity to learn in our state-of-the-art Early Childhood laboratory classroom. The laboratory is filled with apple computers and classroom educational materials, which gives students the opportunity to not only learn theory through class discussions but also engage in hands-on-learning which deepens their understand of child development and the field of education.  The classroom serves as a computer lab for educational students at scheduled times throughout the week.

The education department is dedicated to providing students a superior educational experience which is based upon current research and the characteristics we believe quality teachers embody. We believe quality teachers are committed to social justice, educating diverse students, providing culturally responsive curriculum, inclusive education, and working to end bias.  

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Hudson Is Home - Elsa Lorenzo

Hudson Is Home - Elsa Lorenzo

Non-Transferable Option

Completion of the preschool child development coursework consists prepare students for the Child Development Associate (CDA) National Credentialing process and provide comprehensive instruction in early childhood education and child development. Course work satisfies the 120 hours of formal training required by the Council for Professional Recognition, which awards and administers the CDA National Credentialing Program.


Preschool Child Dev
Prof. Dev. Cert. in Preschool Child Dev. Assoc. (CDA)


This program will provide the necessary professional development (120 class hours) for those interested in pursuing this entry-level position. By obtaining the Preschool CDA Credential, these candidates will be eligible to work as a Group Teacher in a Preschool setting, with children from 3 to 5 years old. The 120-hour Field Experience in a Preschool Setting will provide practical, on-site experience working with children of this age. This will prepare the candidate for the final review, by a Professional Specialist, assigned by The Council for Professional Recognition to conduct the final assessment.


Student Testimonial

The educational department at HCCC throughout the years has had the honor of preparing students to embark on their careers as educators.
HCCC is my second home, and the professors are my family!
Rina Gerges
CDA Certificate, 2015 | Early Childhood Education AA Student

Every person in life has his or her own dream. Since childhood, I dreamed of becoming a teacher in an elementary school or nursery school, and my neighbor played a big role in choosing this career. She was a teacher in my elementary school, she was so nice to the children and all of them loved her. When I came here to America I started to study at HCCC. I learned a lot at HCCC. I started with ESL classes, and after I finished, I started my major which is early childhood. Also, I took CDA and Miss Pack was my teacher and she was so nice to everyone. She explained everything in a very nice way and helped me a lot. I got my CDA and started to work as an aide in a daycare, and now I am taking classes to finish my Associate Degree, and then I will transfer to NJCU and soon my dream will become true!



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