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The Associates in Special Education at HCCC is dedicated to preparing future teachers to successfully transfer to a four-year school to pursue a Bachelor’s in varied education degree programs and obtain a NJ teachers license. Upon transferring to a NJ four-year institution, students must choose an education degree program based on the content area or age they wish to teach.  In NJ students have several options if they want to become special education teachers. Depending on the institution, they can pursue a dual degree in education and special education, enter a five-year educations/special education program where they will complete their bachelors and masters, or pursue a special education certificate or masters program after they complete their bachelors.

While at HCCC our education students have the opportunity to learn in our state-of-the-art Early Childhood laboratory classroom. The laboratory is filled with apple computers and classroom educational materials, which gives students the opportunity to not only learn theory through class discussions but also engage in hands-on-learning which deepens their understand of child development and the field of education.  The classroom serves as a computer lab for educational students at scheduled times throughout the week.

The education department is dedicated to providing students a superior educational experience which is based upon current research and the characteristics we believe quality teachers embody. We believe quality teachers are committed to social justice, educating diverse students, providing culturally responsive curriculum, inclusive education, and working to end bias.  

Hudson Is Home - Mary Tirado

Hudson Is Home - Mary Tirado


Special Education
Education (special Education-Liberal Arts) Fully Online A.A.


The Liberal Arts Degree in Special Education is a transfer-oriented degree for students interested in preparing for a professional teaching or paraprofessional career in public or private schools and specializing in the education of exceptional children. Upon completion of study, students are eligible to seek employment as a Teacher's Assistant or Paraprofessional in New Jersey. Additionally, after earning an Associate's Degree and satisfying all entrance requirements, students are prepared to transfer to a four-year college or university to earn a Bachelor's degree, a requirement for teacher certification in New Jersey. At the four-year College or university, the program graduate will also be required to major in a content area. Students are strongly encouraged to select electives carefully in order to satisfy transfer requirements.


Transferrable Degree Option

Education - Special Education Associate in Arts Liberal Arts (AA)

Completion of this degree program option provides students the opportunity to pursue a Baccalaureate degree in varied education degrees. Graduates are also able to take the state par test and work as para-professionals in the varied educational settings.

Graduate Testimonial

The educational department at HCCC throughout the years has had the honor of preparing students to embark on their careers as educators.
Leah Wang
The faculty and teachers/professors at HCCC are amazing people to learn from. They give you the tools and academics that then allow you to push yourself to capabilities you didn’t know you had.  
Leah Luetjen Wang
Special Education AA Graduate

Due to a family situation, I have not finished my bachelor’s degree, but I’ve been very successful in using my education as a substitute teacher. I even was asked to teach a year of ESL concurrent with a Special Education class of fourth graders in ELA. It was amazing to utilize things I had learned at HCCC. As well, I had been with some wonderful teachers who had given me a lot of wonderful techniques to utilize in my own classroom.

I just accepted a job at a Yeshiva (Hebrew School) and today was offered a learning specialty class next year. I am very excited, as I will be working with a team of teachers who will be developing strategies to help the incoming fourth grade. As a whole they need a lot of support, and they are a fabulous group of children that will do very well once we are able to return to “ normal” teaching, without the constraints of Covid.

I am forever grateful for the education I received at Hudson County, and as an older student, I was able to appreciate the dedication I saw from many teachers and Professors. 



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