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Engineering Science
Engineering Science A.S.


The A.S. Engineering Science degree prepares students to enter B.S. Engineering Science programs as juniors. Students develop a strong foundation in mathematics, physics, and chemistry, with emphasis on engineering applications and use of the computer as a problem-solving tool. A strong general education curriculum helps students develop communications and analytical skills. The engineering science facilities include electronics, physics and chemistry laboratories, a computer science center, and CAD/CAM laboratory.


Complete CSS-100

CSS-100 College Student Success

Complete the following groups:


ENG-101 College Composition I


ENG-102 College Composition II

Complete the following courses:

MAT-111 Calculus I
MAT-112 Calculus II
CHP-111 College Chemistry I

Complete the following groups:

COMPLETE ENG-112 and ECO-201

ENG-112 Speech
ECO-201 Principles of Macroeconomics

Complete the following course:

Complete 1 Humanities Elective.

Complete 1 Social Science or Humanities Elective.

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Spotlight on Students and Alumni

Our Engineering Science students and alumni are enthusiastic about their experiences at HCCC. Continue reading to see what one of them has to say.
Anass Ennasraoui
Attending HCCC was one of the best decisions I made after I came to the USA in 2016. During my time as a STEM student at HCCC, I learned a lot, both about engineering and about what I wanted to do with my life
Anass Ennasraoui
Engineering Science AS Graduate, 2019

Anass started his journey as an ESL student and quickly gained a strong foundation. He excelled in leadership roles, such as the STEM Club President. Anass enrolled at NJIT to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering.

HCCC - Rutgers University: Engineering Transfer Programs Information Session

Additional Program Information

Upon successful completion of the Engineering Science A.S. Program, students will be able to:

  1. Apply Scientific methods to define and propose a sound so a sound solution for a real-world engineering problem.
  2. Combine and incorporate the mathematical and scientific knowledge learned into their understanding of natural world.
  3. Work effectively and ethically in a team.
  4. Safely conduct experiments and analyze and interpret experimental data.
  5. Recognize the broad knowledge and critical thinking required to identify and solve engineering problems.
  6. Incorporate numerical calculations and technology to solve problems that are not easy to solve analytically.




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