Physics (Science and Mathematics) AS


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Physics (Science and Mathematics) A.S.


Graduates of the Associate in Science in Physics transfer to four-year colleges and universities to complete bachelor's degrees in physics or related subjects requiring a strong background in physics, other natural sciences, and mathematics.


Complete CSS-100

CSS-100 College Student Success

Complete the following groups:


ENG-101 College Composition I


ENG-102 College Composition II

Complete the following courses:

MAT-111 Calculus I
MAT-112 Calculus II
CSC-100 Intro to Computers and Computing

Complete 4 credits Science Electives

BIO-111 Anatomy and Physiology I
BIO-211 Anatomy and Physiology II
BIO-115 Principles of Biology I
BIO-116 Principles of Biology II
BIO-208 Ecology
BIO-230 Histology
GEO-111 Physical Geology

Complete the following groups:


ENG-112 Speech

Complete 1 Social Science Elective.

Complete 1 Humanities Elective.

Complete 1 Social Science or Humanities Elective.

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Spotlight on Students and Alumni

Our Physics students and alumni are enthusiastic about their experiences at HCCC. Continue reading to see what one of them has to say.
Diana Gonzalez-Argueta
HCCC was the perfect fit for me as a physics student. On top of learning about the nature of the daily phenomenon, I was able to gain research experience in my desired field. I met amazing faculty members who have become my mentors. They made a field as difficult as physics something that I would thoroughly enjoy and gain a lot of experience within my short time there.
Diana Gonzalez-Argueta
Physics (Science and Mathematics) AS Graduate, 2020

Diana believes HCCC provided her with all the tools she needed to succeed in her post-secondary education, as well as in her career.

Additional Program Information

Upon successful completion of the Physics AS Program, students will be able to:

  1. Apply scientific methods to solve scientific problems.
  2. Perform laboratory procedures and assess the validity of experimental data.
  3. Present scientific findings in written, verbal and electronic formats.
  4. Employ critical thinking and problem-solving skills to solve technical problems.
  5. Incorporate numerical calculations and technology to solve problems that are not easily solved analytically.
  6. Work effectively on a team and ethically with a scientific community.




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Contact Information

Dr. Raffaella Pernice

263 Academy Street, Room 604
Jersey City, NJ 07306
(201) 360-4277

School of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
263 Academy Street, Room S204
Jersey City, NJ 07306
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