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Wall Street!  Social Media Marketing!  Human Resources Management!  Logistics!  Sales!  Are you interested in a dynamic career in one of many exciting fields?  HCCC’s Business degree programs allow for easy transfer to a 4-year institution and a career in a variety of business fields.  Unique opportunities outside the classroom include specialized Field Trips, Business Internships, The Business and Accounting Club, Goldman Sachs Local College Collaborative, and the Rutgers Business School New Jersey County College Case Competition.

HCCC's Business and Accounting Students have access to a variety of incredible opportunities, including but not limited to:

  • HCCC's Business and Accounting Club
  • Rutgers Business School New Jersey County College Case Competition
  • Goldman Sachs Local College Collaborative
  • Year Up
  • St. Peter's University Shark Tank Competition
  • HCCC's Bloomberg Laboratory
  • Internship Opportunities for credit
  • Academic Field Trips to sites like Amazon, Bloomberg LP, The New York Stock Exchange, The Federal Reserve, and other exciting destinations
  • Speaker series, panel discussions, and distinguished guest visits and much, much more !!

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Business Administration A.S.


HCCC's Associate in Science in Business Administration prepares graduates for a seamless transfer to a senior institution to complete a baccalaureate degree in business-related fields. Graduates of this degree are also qualified for entry-level administrative and management positions. The program provides business knowledge and skills as the foundation for more specialized and/or advanced study. The curriculum includes communication skills, accounting, economics, finance, marketing, business management and electives that prepare students for specialized and advanced courses.


Complete the following courses:

Complete ENG-101

ENG-101 College Composition I

Complete ENG-102

ENG-102 College Composition II

Complete MAT-110 or MAT-116:

MAT-110 Precalculus
MAT-116 Pre-Calculus for Business

Complete the following courses:

Complete CSC-100

CSC-100 Intro to Computers and Computing

1 LAB Science Elective - 4 credits

Complete the following courses:

ECO-201 Principles of Macroeconomics
ECO-202 Principles of Microeconomics

Complete the following requirements:



ENG-112 Speech

Complete 1 Humanities Elective:

Our students share their experiences with you. Business is the foundation of all industries. Our students are proud to be HCCC Graduates…

Muhammed Bilal image
I enlisted into the US Army after graduating from High School in 2012. Enrolling to HCCC I was taken aback by the amazing support the professors, and other faculty staff provided to accommodate my military obligation and consistently working with me during my leaves of absence. Returning in 2015, HCCC once again provided a hassle free transition back to my civilian life and education to which I graduated with Honors in 2016 with an AS Accounting Degree. HCCC went above and beyond to ensure I had the optimal opportunity to complete my exams and assignments early for I received orders for deployment. I even got accepted into Rutgers University. After returning home in 2018, I continued and completed my Bachelors and currently work as a financial operations analyst for Morgan Stanley in NYC.
Sergeant Muhammed Bilal - Military Police - US Army
Spring 2016, AS Accounting

The positive climate and support from HCCC sparked a drive and direction I needed in order to balance my personal and professional growth, inspiring me to be the best that I can be.

Ebrahim Mostafa reflects on his time at HCCC!

Ebrahim Mostafa image
I enjoyed attending HCCC; the professors are loyal and helped me through my journey in college. The college made me feel comfortable and motivated. It prepared me to become a future entrepreneur, and I know how to act like a businessperson. The classes were all worth it. NJC4 was very interesting; I know how businesses should compete. I loved how my team members were detailed, and we learned the real meaning of business during challenging times. HCCC is a college that’s amazing and spectacular in its own ways. It’s a college I’ll never forget!! 
Ebrahim Mostafa
Spring 2020, AA Business Liberal Arts

Ebrahim graduated in 2020

Ambar Castillo is graduating with a degree in Supply Chain Management from Rutgers Business School and has a Full Time offer in Management from Amazon.

Ambar Castillo image
Hudson has helped me because it was a firm foundation of who I am today and I can always grab from experiences lived there to go for more. Hold unto every experience that life gives you and see it as the only opportunity that life will give you
Ambar Castillo
Spring 2018, AS Business Administration

Ambar Castillo sets an example of what can happen.

Out of the Box Podcast - Women in Business

March 2021
This month, Dr. Reber is joined by Professor Elana Winslow and Alumna Betsy Apena to discuss the HCCC A.S. in Business Degree and Women in Business.

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Rutgers Business School New Jersey County Case Competition Second Place Winning Team 2018


Rutgers Business School New Jersey County Case Competition 2016




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