Hospitality Management (Entrepreneurship) AAS

Has anyone ever told you that you should start your own business? Do you want to be your own boss? Are you passionate about an idea? Join other passionate people who have the drive and bring your idea to reality.

You’ve always wanted to run your own business. The AAS Hospitality Management – Entrepreneurship Option will prepare you for the steps you need to make your goal a reality. You will learn about what it takes to build a strong foundation for a successful business. Learn how to motivate people and to drive them towards one goal: customer satisfaction. Enjoy small and affordable classes that are local and easily accessible. Start working on your career now!




Our students come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. What unites all of them is their passion for being their own boss. See what they had to say… 

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Hudson County Community College is hands-on all the way. This college shows you what "real life" is going to expect from you. This is a place to learn, build community, and grow in so many ways.  HCCC is made up of the most knowledgeable instructors that truly care about your future craft. HCCC has forever left a beautiful imprint in my heart.
 Yajaira LaLuz 
Hospitality Management – Entrepreneurship AAS Graduate, 2015 

Yajaira knew that she made the right decision to come to HCCC.  

Hospitality Management (Entrepreneurship) A.A.S.


The AAS in Hospitality Management-Entrepreneurship option is designed to provide students with an introduction to the unique concepts of business ownership in the Hospitality Industry. This option will focus on how new business ventures are created. The emphasis will be on current topics within Entrepreneurship and will include: Franchising Business, Innovation, Entrepreneurial Creativity, and targeted forms of market research. The option will also offer a practical hands-on experience with Entrepreneurship including the development and theoretical implementation of a business plan.


Complete the following groups:


ENG-101 College Composition I


ENG-102 College Composition II

Complete the following course:

CSC-100 Intro to Computers and Computing

Complete the following groups:


ENG-112 Speech


Complete 2 Social Science or Humanities Elective.

Complete CSS-100.

CSS-100 College Student Success

Complete the following courses:

ACC-121 Principles of Accounting I
CAI-225 Externship III
ECO-201 Principles of Macroeconomics
HMT-104 Culinary for Hospitality
HMT-110 Introduction to the Hospitality Industry
HMT-111 Introduction to Entrepreneurship
HMT-115 The Urban Entrepreneur
HMT-121 Hotel Practicum
HMT-202 Innovation, Creativity and Marketing
HMT-217 Franchising
HMT-210 Hospitality and Travel Law
MAN-121 Principles of Management

Complete 2 Restricted Program Electives: CAI-206 CAI-223 ACC-211 ACC-221 BUS-230 ECO-202 HMT-106 HMT-112 HMT-116 HMT-122 HMT-128 HMT-204 HMT-206 HMT-209 HMT-213 HMT-214 HMT-215 HMT-216 MAN-221 MAN-232 MAT-100 MAT-114;

CAI-223 Food, Beverage, and Labor Cost Control
CAI-206 Introduction to Sustainability
ACC-211 Computerized Accounting
ACC-221 Principles of Accounting II
BUS-230 Business Law
ECO-202 Principles of Microeconomics
HMT-106 Culture and Geography in Tourism
HMT-112 Introduction to Travel and Tourism
HMT-116 Restaurant Operations Management I
HMT-122 Front Office Operations
HMT-128 Event Planning Travel and Tourism
HMT-204 Fundamentals of Wine and Food
HMT-206 Information Systems in Hospitality and
HMT-209 Tour Marketing, Sales and Promotions
HMT-213 Principles of Hospitality Marketing
HMT-214 Hotel Group and Convention Sales
HMT-215 Housekeeping Management
HMT-216 Restaurant Operations Management II
MAN-221 Marketing
MAN-232 Human Resource Management
MAT-100 College Algebra
MAT-114 Introduction Probabilities and Statistics

Why are we your first choice for Hospitality Management?

We are the only community college in New Jersey  that offers a hospitality lab and full hotel room. You will learn about customer service for front office operations, managing hotel guests, and wine selections. 

Are you thinking of transferring?

All of our AAS Hospitality Management programs are transferable to Fairleigh Dickinson University (FDU) and Florida International University (FIU). 



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