Cannabis Business Management, Certificate


This 33-credit certificate is suitable for individuals who have work experience, or an educational background, in a noncannabis business field and would like to transition to a career in cannabis business. It is also suitable for individuals who are entering college and make the decision to pursue a career in cannabis business. Credits earned through the Certificate in Cannabis Business Management program will transfer seamlessly towards the A.S. Degree in Business Administration-Cannabis Studies.

Classes are offered as on-the-ground and remote modalities. Be a part of this growing industry and enroll today!

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Cannabis, Business
Cannabis Business Management, Certificate


The Certificate in Cannabis Business Management program provides students with the skills to secure a supervisory level position in the cannabis business field. It also benefits those who are in the field and are interested in securing additional job skills. This Certificate program will increase students' access to employment opportunities. Potential careers include positions in cannabis cultivation, manufacturing, retail, wholesale and delivery.




Out of the Box Podcast - HCCC's Cannabis Program

August 2023
Joining the President for this session are Sakima Anderson, who earned a Proficiency Certificate – Cannabis Business; James Warren, who is studying for the Cannabis Business Management Certificate; and Jessica Gonzalez, attorney, social justice advocate, and Instructor in HCCC’s Cannabis Studies program.

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