Hospitality Management (Travel and Tourism) AAS

Are you dedicated and motivated? Do you like a fast-paced work environment? Join other passionate people who share your goals in providing customer satisfaction.

You’ve always wanted to travel the world and work in an exciting and fast-paced career that will allow you great flexibility and choice of employment. The AAS Hospitality Management - Travel and Tourism Option will prepare you for entry-level operations, management, or supervisory positions in hotels, airlines, resorts, and much more. Learn how to motivate people and to drive them towards one goal-customer satisfaction. Enjoy small and affordable classes that are local and easily accessible. Start working on your career now!


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Our students come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. What unites all of them is their passion for hospitality. See what they had to say…

Justine Pereira
My experience at HCCC has been wonderful and I would recommend it to anyone! HCCC gave me the opportunity to go back to school at 27, while juggling between my personal life as a mom of three and my school life. Life is what you make it, but the professors and staff definitely helped it! I learned so much, got great support from faculty and appreciated the diversity of the people I met during the two years I studied at HCCC to obtain my Associate degree.
Justine Pereira
Hospitality Management – Travel and Tourism AAS Graduate, 2020

Justine knew that she made the right decision to come to HCCC.

Travel and Tourism
Hospitality Management (Travel and Tourism) A.A.S.


The AAS in Hospitality Management-Travel and Tourism option prepares students for entry-level operations, management, and supervisory positions within the travel and tourism industries. The degree option focuses on various components of the tourism industry such as: travel careers, culture and geography, tour marketing, event planning and information systems specific to travel and tourism. The program will also offer a variety of practical hands-on experiences across the range of activities through externship.


Complete the following groups:


ENG-101 College Composition I


ENG-102 College Composition II

Complete the following course:

CSC-100 Intro to Computers and Computing

Complete the following groups:


ENG-112 Speech


Complete 2 Social Science or Humanities Elective.

Why are we your first for Hospitality Management?

We are the only community college in New Jersey that offers a hospitality lab and full hotel room. You will learn about customer service for front office operations, managing hotel guests, and wine selections.

Are you thinking of transferring?

All of our AAS Hospitality Management programs are transferable to Fairleigh Dickinson University (FDU) and Florida International University (FIU).



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