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Explore your creativity and find the pathway for your exciting career in culinary arts. With a degree in culinary arts, you will discover worldwide opportunities that will make your dreams come true.

Are you passionate about food? Do you enjoy making people smile when they eat your dish? Make your dreams a reality and enroll at the Culinary Arts Institute today. This degree program will provide you a comprehensive training in all aspects of culinary arts. You will be taught by expert chefs with many years of experience and talent who will show you the fundamental techniques you need to succeed in the industry.

Enjoy small and affordable classes that are local and easily accessible, where you will experience one-on-one, hands-on instruction. Take advantage of the largest and most modern instructional kitchens in NJ to help you reach your dreams. Start working on your career today!


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Our students come from diverse backgrounds and experiences. What unites all of them is their passion for food and service. See what they had to say…

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My name is Darien Rodriguez and I graduated from HCCC's Culinary Arts program in December of 2013. Hudson County Community College’s Culinary Arts program gave me the foundation to pursue my dreams of working in a hotel. They also introduced me and allowed me to learn from some of the most intelligent and finest chefs, professors and advisors in the country. Under their divine tutelage, I discovered just how passionate I am about cooking as well, which I do as often as I can in my spare time. Both HCCC and FDU have been beneficial and have allowed me to advance in my career.
Darien Rodriguez
2013 AAS Culinary Arts Graduate, 2016 BS Fairleigh Dickinson University

Darien took his HCCC experiences straight to his career!

American Culinary Federation Education Foundation (ACFEF) accreditation of AAS Culinary Arts, Certificate - Culinary Arts, AAS Culinary Arts-Baking and Pastry Option, Certificate - Baking and Pastry Arts is valid until 06/30/2024. The AAS Culinary Arts and Certificate Culinary Arts have been accredited continuously since 06/30/1997.


Culinary Arts
Culinary Arts A.A.S.


This degree program provides comprehensive two-year training in culinary arts, preparing students for entry-level restaurant and food service positions as chefs, station chefs, sous-chefs, bakers, and restaurant managers. Required courses introduce students to all facets of food service operations, including food preparation, nutrition, purchasing procedures, menu planning, equipment, and table service. The 600-hour externship trains students in fine restaurants and hotels. HCCC's Culinary Arts Institute, opened in 2005, is equipped with an elegant dining room, modern instructional kitchens, and classrooms.


Why we are your 1st and only choice for Culinary Arts.

With over 10 labs, we are the largest and most modern culinary program in the State of New Jersey.


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AAS Culinary Arts (60 credits)

Term Total number of students   Number of students that graduated within 150% of the time   Percentage of students that graduated within 150% of the time    
Fall 2017 260   79   30%    
Fall 2018 228   77   34%    
Fall 2019 195   71   36%    
Fall 2020 260   99   38%    
Fall 2021 * 152   42   28%    
Fall 2022 * 130   16   12%    
These numbers are as of August 24, 2023.
* This indicates that as of the date this report was generated, it has not been 150% of the time for completion.
We are in the process of formalizing the gathering of job placement and ACF certification data for the department. We are confident of high job placement rates based on informal collection of data from our graduates. Extensive efforts to increase ACF membership and Certified Culinarian© (CC©) certification of students are consistently being practiced.    
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